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Who We Are

A Group of Female
Leaders in the Middle East

In the heart of Kūdi lies The She Square, a vibrant hub where women leaders, visionaries, and changemakers unite. It’s a community dedicated to elevating women in leadership, fostering an environment where decision-makers, founders, leaders, and investors thrive through mutual support and mentorship.

Our purpose is to accelerate women’s learning and personal development.

What We Do

Empowering Leadership
in The She Square

Start your journey with Kūdi and experience leadership, solidarity, mentorship, and transformation.

Our Manifesto

Welcome to The She Square, Kūdi’s heart, where the essence of female leadership transforms into a palpable force, driving change, fostering resilience, and celebrating the collective power of women.

At Kūdi, leadership is our soul, embodied in the mantra “She Leads, She Stands, She Shares, She Impacts,” a clarion call that resonates in the actions and aspirations of every woman.

Our Square

She Leads

Becoming a member of our advisory board places you at the heart of women’s leadership innovation. Your contribution will amplify the impact and visibility of women leaders worldwide, marking a significant stride towards a more inclusive and dynamic future.

Inspire Women

She Stands

We come together to discuss how our voice can help us stand up to the challenges we face in the business world. With events, published accredited research and media attention, we can make change happen for all women.

Stand up for one another

She Shares

Through networking events and industry-specific meetups, we facilitate valuable connections that can open doors to new possibilities and impactful speaking opportunities.

Share on a Stage

She Impacts

Mentorship is at the heart of our approach. Our carefully curated mentorship program pairs experienced women leaders with aspiring ones, fostering a relationship that encourages personal and professional growth.

Multiply Your Impact

Our Events

Exclusive Business Breakfast

Join us for empowering mornings filled with insightful discussions, networking, and inspiration. This is your opportunity to connect, learn, and forge meaningful relationships with women leaders.

Reach Out

To join our Kūdi Square and attend our invitation-only events, please provide your contact information.

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